Create your own skincare business

Since the world had to be on lockdown for almost two years, many people started their own businesses after losing their jobs. One very lucrative business is selling natural skin cream which you can bottle using cosmetic bottles. While plastic containers are usually cheaper, glass is a better option for this type of product. In fact, violet glass is ideal because it helps you extend the shelf life of your creams without using preservatives. You can buy wholesale dropper bottles to obtain better prices as you have a wider variety of options to choose from. It is essential that before buying these bottles you do some market research to determine what sizes your creams should be to make them profitable and to make people like them. If the container is too large, you will lose space. If the container is too small, your product will run out quickly and your customers will be annoyed.

How to get started

Although the skincare market has a lot of competition, you can sell your creams if you create a solid strategy. You have to start with at least three products. For example, you can create a makeup remover cream and other creams to nourish your customers’ skin once they have removed their makeup. Keep in mind that if your creams do their job, your customers will do your marketing for you by recommending them. When promoting your creams on your social media channels, do not focus on the ingredients but on how fast they can remove makeup and how smooth and beautiful the skin looks after the moisturizer has done its job. Your customers won’t buy your product for the ingredients but for the results they provide.

Don’t stagnate

The first two years are vital to the success or failure of any venture. As you sell more and more products, focus on creating new products that attract attention. This is known in the business world as product line diversification. It’s about creating products that compliment your current products. For example, you can have a cream that helps relax people’s skin and a candle or aromatic oil scented with lavender, chamomile, or orange to complement the relaxing effect. Over the years, you will have a whole line of products that complement each other. People will buy these products because they can get them all from one place and because they work, whether or not you are a recognized brand.