Dietitian Questions Healthfulness of the Mediterranean Weight-reduction plan

Dietitian Questions Healthfulness of the Mediterranean Weight-reduction plan

September 3, 2022 · 7:27 AM

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Shana Spence, RD, wrote at

The Mediterranean eating regimen is consistently lauded within the vitamin world—in truth, US Information has named it the “greatest eating regimen general” for 5 years straight—however as a registered dietitian, I believe it is time to consider it just a little otherwise: It is time to dethrone the Mediterranean eating regimen as being the perfect approach to eat.

Now, the Mediterranean eating regimen—which emphasizes complete grains and plant meals reminiscent of fruits, greens, legumes, tree nuts, seeds, and olives, and limits pink meat, sugar, and saturated fats—isn’t the one culturally primarily based approach of consuming that is been celebrated. The Japanese eating regimen, wealthy in meals reminiscent of seafood, steamed rice, tofu, natto, seaweed, and pickled vegatables and fruits, has been promoted for its longevity-promoting points as effectively. However as scrolling by means of social media and even many information and well being web sites will present, it nonetheless would not come near the Mediterranean eating regimen when it comes to widespread recognition.

As an RD, I’ve seen an awesome perception in our society that Mediterranean-style consuming is simply the best way to go. So in case your cultural meals do not hail from one of many nations that make up that space, how does this make you’re feeling?

Spoiler: In all probability not so good—and that is why I imagine we have to rethink how we discuss cultural meals and methods of consuming.

I am a Mediterranean eating regimen advocate. There are different wholesome methods of consuming. I am an advocate of free speech and open debate. No censorship right here! Learn it and see what you suppose. I am unsure what the “Japanese eating regimen” is. I’ve written good issues concerning the Okinawan eating regimen as mentioned in Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones books. Click on for my overview of Blue Zones.

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