Ceramic Or Metal Braces Vs. Clear Aligners: Market Share Trends

Orthodontic treatment devices have become increasingly in high demand in recent years. Whether you use ceramic, metal braces, or clear aligners, it’s your choice. Although many factors contribute to what type of orthodontic device you will use, Price is the primary factor.

The variability of these devices has brought various market share trends, with some in high demand. Below are some factors and different comparisons contributing to the market share trends.

Ceramic Vs. Metal Braces

Ceramic braces are similar to metallic braces. The main difference is that ceramic braces are clear or tooth-colored hence less noticeable. Therefore, many prefer ceramic to metallic ones when considering wearing them unnoticeably. However, they are more expensive and larger than metal braces.

Various reasons will motivate people to use metallic braces since they are durable compared to ceramic ones, which can break easily. In addition, metallic braces move teeth faster than ceramic braces. Also, consider the size of the metal braces.

Most importantly, the cost of metal braces is lower than ceramic braces. It makes metal braces feel like they’re doing more than other orthodontic devices.

High Cost of Clear Aligners

The clear aligners market size has grown from $2.18 billion in 2021 to $3 billion in 2022. It truly depicts a steady, gradual growth each year. The rise of dental malocclusion globally will impact the development of this market to around $10 billion in 2027. A significant limit in the market growth of clear aligners is their Price.

For instance, the Price of a metal brace is around $2500 to $6500, while clear aligners range from $3500 to $8000. Therefore, many people will purchase metal braces compared to clear aligners. It means the market size for metal prices is high than clear aligners.

The Flexibility of Removal Braces

Imagine a scenario where you can take care of small needs like eating, brushing your teeth, and drinking. The use of removable braces perfectly achieves it. Due to their flexibility, these braces are now in high demand among children and adults. Also, they have low chances of hygienic issues.

With the advancement in technology, clear aligner products are in manufacture. Clear aligners are easy to use since one can remove them quickly. However, when wearing clear aligners, one cannot easily recognize them. Sometimes if you love the nightlife, you prefer clear aligners since they are perfect.

Orthodontics Treatment Is Personalized

A personalized choice of treatment can be one of the restraining factors of market growth. People will accept how they look rather than incur huge prices on dental care. Although many patients will access orthodontics annually, high treatment costs remain an issue.

Since orthodontics is not infectious, governments or other nongovernmental organizations don’t subsidize such. So, orthodontics cost of treatment will remain a huge issue for some years. Also, since it’s a personal decision, the market will grow less.


Orthodontics advancement is gradually growing over the years. It all depends on a personalized choice of what orthodontic device one can use. The market size of such devices is also increasing steadily, so before choosing ceramic, metal braces, or clear aligners, always research first.